The Global Green School is proud to announce a partnership with Grayl Water Filters for Global Green School trips in Latin America.

A million plastic bottles are purchased every minute!

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change. How do you stem the tide of single-use plastics while providing a portable solution for clean, safe drinking water? Switch to Grayl water filters!

Grayl Water Filters Provide Safe Drinking Water

Over two decades ago, Global Green School founder, Christy Rounds, was the product manager for the outdoor / camping division of PUR drinking water systems. Through her work at PUR, she became familiar with the many pathogens that have been introduced to our water sources. Whether your drinking water source is in a city, farming community, international destination or wilderness area, nearly every water source on the planet has been exposed to microbiological and / or chemical contamination. The bottom line is that we really don’t know what is in our water supply. This “unknowing” has fueled the massive consumption of bottled water, creating a huge problem of waste.

Grayl provides a solution to both the problem of unclean water and the pollution created by single use plastics. Grayl filters provide 300 uses per cartridge, cleaning your drinking water with a three-step purification / filtration system:

Electroadsorptive Media
Captures pathogens and inorganic contaminants like a magnet.

Ultra-Powdered Activated Carbon
Filters more impurities and toxins like chemicals and heavy metals better than block or granulated carbon.

Silver Treated Zeolites
Antimicrobial agents that keep the purifier fresh between uses.

Grayl filters provide full-spectrum purification (+filtration) for ultimate protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa), particulates, chemicals and heavy metals, making Grayl water cleaner than most bottled water!

Grayl Water Filters Are Easy To Use

Grayl provides a personal filtration device that purifies and filters water cheaper and more effectively than any other solution on the planet. For clean, safe water in 15 seconds, just fill, press and drink.

Grayl Water Filters Save Money

In addition reducing the use of single-use plastics… and providing full-spectrum purification for ultimate protection against biological contaminants, chemicals and heavy metals, but Grayl water filters save money! The average water bottle costs $1.45. At a cost of $25.00 a filter which provides 300 uses, Grayl filters average $.08 per use!

Global Green School is proud to partner with a company that is providing the safest, least expensive option for clean drinking water while drastically cutting the use of single-use plastics. We are so committed to the environmental impact of Grayl water filters that we provide a free Grayl to each of the high school students who participate in our Peru cultural immersion program!

We believe that Grayl may play a pivotal role in the reduction of single use plastics in Peru and are excited to introduce this solution in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

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